Examples of the prospering tech companies in Italy

What do you learn about the sectors in which the nation of excellent food and beautiful art is top innovation? Continue reading to discover some illustrations presented in this short article.

A profitable setting for the technological environment in Italy is the one that concentrates on environmentally friendly avenues, particularly when it comes to sources of energy. Needless to say, being a distinguished holiday destination, we can expect it to get a great deal of sun, used both by dominant energy companies with solar systems, like the national grid, and on a private level, with incentives for households to set up solar panels on their rooftops. Some of the important names in terms of much more complex renewable solutions, such as biomass technology, are really based in this country, driving overseas investment into Italy, like in the case of Falck Renewables’ majority investors, with the business counting subsidiaries in the rest of Europe. In terms of sustainability, it might be said that the Italian technological advancements are important contributions to the question, and the country is identified on an international scale by experts in the sector.

One among the areas where there is a booming trend of Italian industry innovation is the one that concerns communications and technology. One of the greatest pioneers in terms of robotics and automation, Italy is known as one of the forerunners of the field on a global level at conventions and events on the question. Another element of information technology Italy is driving in terms of breakthroughs is that of telecommunications: for instance, TIM’s top two shareholders are contemplating the research and development of a new era of connections, generally known as 5G, the primary platform of what is known as the Internet of Things. It would not be surprising if, in the next ten years, Italy were to turn into one of the frontrunners in innovations such as the Internet of Things, the accessibility and diffusion of optical fibre, and the big digital concepts of the future.

Certainly, when wondering what kind of companies are thriving in Italy, one among the first things that comes to mind is design. Considered by a lot of people as the European (or even global!) capital of fashion, countless Milan startups concentrate on the way that innovation can be applied to the fashion field, from inclusion, to brand-new technologies, to being socially aware and favouring quality over fast fashion. One of the Italian fashion startups that has been featured for its extraordinary technology may be viewed in the ELSE Corp’s market insights, as their systems feature a way to scan a customer’s body to create clothing that will truly fit them properly. This way of guaranteeing suitable fits is a great way to avoid waste and provide quality goods that will really be worn by their owners regularly, making customers much more aware of issues like disposable fashion.

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